A MOTHER'S JOURNEY:To Release Sorrow and Reap Joy - by Sharon Kay

According to Publisher, Dandelion Books, "Books for spiritual growth often ignore parenting and family issues. When considering books for spiritual growth, often we forget that our “soul’s solo journey” takes us on several rides simultaneously. One of those “rides” is parenting, and author, Sharon Kay has fictionalized her own parenting experiences in her classic, A Mother's Journey." Barry Spilchuk, author of Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul, in praise of A Mother’s Journey writes: "Norah Mason is truly a 'mother for all seasons.' In a series of colorful too-true-to-be-true episodes, Sharon Kay takes the reader on a typical journey through parenthood, divorce, re-marriage and redemption. Rainbows keep disappearing in angry storm clouds, but with practice and plenty of love and forgiveness, Norah learns how to produce her own magical prisms. The pot of gold is this book -- a great one." “Sharon Kay’s story with its healing reassures us that our journey is not in vain and the rewards are usually far greater than we could ever have anticipated,” writes Dandelion author, Jim Britt in the book's Foreword. “A Mother's Journey is a touching, heartfelt, inspiring look into the dynamics of true service within your own family, yet extends admirably to our family of humanity. Sharon Kay shares deeply and candidly from her personal experience and gleans valuable lessons we all can use. Putting these principles into practice will make a huge difference in your relationships and bring greater joy and light to your life," says Alan Cohen, best-selling author of I Had It All the Time. "In this day and age when we are finally realizing that our children are our future, we are excited to see books like A Mother's Journey being written to help explore the challenges and joys of parenting as well as the value of the exquisite relationship between parent and child," states Jan Tober, co-author with Lee Carroll of Indigo Children, adding her praise.             - See more at: http://www.angelfingerprints.com/a_mothers_journey_to_release_sorrow_and_reap_joy/#sthash.PwgLr1QJ.dpuf

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