ANGEL FINGERPRINTS: The Book of Joyous Thoughts - By Sharon Kay

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ANGEL FINGERPRINTS: The Book of Joyous Thoughts is a collection of excerpts from many of my published books, ONE LIGHT ONE LOVE, LONG LONG AGO, ANGEL FINGERPRINTS: The Little Book of Joyous Thoughts and other manuscripts I have written over the past nineteen years. The first little book of ANGEL FINGERPRINTS sold more than 20,000 copies.


It is now time to share this expanded new volume of inspirational messages which came “through” my hand, at first in the middle of the night and then spontaneously over the years in many ways. They were recorded in my journals or on small scraps of paper, table napkins or in ink on my bare hand, when I had nothing else on which to write.


In 1991 I began receiving, in addition to poems, profound messages which I recorded in my journals. Next to each “special message” I wrote the words, ANGEL MESSAGE so that I could distinguish it from my other writings. I have continued to receive “ANGEL MESSAGES” since 1991 as well as gentle “nudges”, intuitions, and signs which I know are the promptings of The Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides which are with each of us always.  Most of the time we just don’t LISTEN.  


Many years ago when I was told, “The Angels are trying to talk to you, but you don’t listen”,  I said, “I don’t hear anything!” The young man I was talking to suggested, “Ask Them to turn up the volume.”  I began asking, and They did TURN UP THE VOLUME,  for I could finally hear them.




"ANGEL FINGERPRINTS has been a bestseller for over a decade at New Renaissance Bookshop.  I love it for the uplifting messages in beautiful calligraphy by my favorite artist/calligrapher!"

                                 ---Andrew Macklem-Cross, Bookseller, Portland, OR


“Like I always say, ‘When you do what you do with love, you will have only what you love in your life.’ This is a book of simple yet profound reminders to stay connected to and experience love in your life.”



“ANGEL FINGERPRINTS touches hearts and minds in simple, yet unique and profound ways. This  book of joyous thoughts creates joy, peace and love in the lives of those who have found this gift of Spirit."       

               ---Jerry Teplitz, J.D., Ph.D., speaker, author of SWITCHED-ON LIVING and BRAIN GYM FOR BUSINESS and SWITCHED-ON SELLING: Balance Your Brain For Sales Success 

“A wave of peacefulness and hope washed over me as I read ANGEL FINGERPRINTS...leaving no doubt in my mind as to the Divine Inspiration from whence they came!”                                    ---Eve Hogan, teacher, speaker, co-author of RINGS OF TRUTH

“A wonderful book for all of us who sometimes forget how beautiful and blessing-full is life...and don’t we all forget? “   ---Dr. Enrico Melson, M.D. Del Mar, CA

"Like a whisper heard above the babble of everyday living, each page carries a quiet wallop of comfort and joy."  ---Rachel Snyder, author of 365 WORDS OF WELL-BEING FOR WOMEN


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