Just CLICK on the "Send a Greeting Card" link at the top of this little box below and follow the directions on each page. Then click on the "Proceed to Next Step" when your are finished filling in the blanks provided. You can choose your category at the upper right drop down menu and then choose the card you want by scrolling down through all the choices on the right. Then, personalize this card in many ways on the next 2 pages. If you are satisfied with your eCard, just send it.  You will be notified when it is SENT and when it is RETRIEVED when the RECIPIENT puts his/her code in the blank box on this page.  It is EASY and FUN.  Add your own GREETING in the "Greeting Card Title" blank ... like HAPPY BIRTHDAY or HAPPY ANNIVERSARY or anything else and then PERSONALIZE your eCard by adding a message, change Title, Text and Background Colors if you like!  

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Many more eCards are added daily so check back to send FREE eCards created by Sharon Kay from her photography, books and music CD. Thank you helping to spread LOVE around the world! NAMASTE!  


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