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Magnesium, Baking Soda & Love - Natural Healing

Watch THRIVE, the movie..... Click HERE!

Spiritual and Esoteric Dating Website at 
OR Add your website to the SPIRITUAL NETWORK  here.

Astrology/Horoscopes FIND YOUR is an online Divination webportal included astrology, horoscope, daily horoscopes, which added Matrimonial, Dating and Modeling to its services thereby meeting out its International customer's quench on finding their fate on various aspects of religion, love and life. It is our passion to serve you in fulfilling the above endeavor.

 Directory of New Age Talk Shows , by Francine Silverman

    This ebook is designed for potential radio guests and includes title of show, name of host, theme, where aired, guest criteria, email, website, phone (optional), and best method of contact. Covered are astrology, metaphysics, Tarot, Angels, psychic development, parapsychology, holistic health, healing, mysticism, occult, mediums, and paranormal (ghosts, mysteries, unknown phenomena, UFOs, supernatural, futuristic and fringe science, conspiracy, crypto zoology, and theoretical psychics).

      Nick Bunick, author of TIME FOR TRUTH

"This miraculous book is destined to change your life, as well as the world as we know it today.  It has been written for you ... and everybody else on Earth who is interested in the truth and a new beginning.  It has also been written for the hundreds of administrators in the Vatican, those who control and manage Church policies and doctrines and th lives of one-third of the world's population. It is time for them to tell the truth... and time for a new beginning."  --Nick Bunick

      Dandelion Books, LLC - My publisher

People are hungry for “The Truth”—information that may not be available anywhere else--and part of this truth-seeking process is self-awareness. This is also a time for conscious solutions and personal growth. Break away from wholesale conformity... Break the rules... Push the envelope... Turn people on... Dandelions grow wild and so do we. We invite you to join our community of impassioned readers and writers. Dandelion’s titles serve the need-to-know and need-to-grow. Full Service Quality Online Book Publishing • Manuscript evaluation • Contract negotiation and customization when necessary • Title Registrations • OCR scanning when necessary • Book doctoring when necessary • Line editing of the MS Word document • Proofing of the MS Word document • Design and layout of book interior • Front Cover design • Front and Back Cover layout and design • Proofing of pdf files • Setup for printing • Printing on demand or in larger print runs (offset) • Setup for distribution • Promotion & Marketing through expert book marketing • Foreign rights solicitation • Subsidiary rights solicitation • PERSONAL ATTENTION Dare to Express Yourself!

      Centers of Light Directory


A Note From Les Carney

"Our intent is to report on events, activities, achievements, projects and people who represent the highest and best of human endeavor and what we can achieve, both individually and collectively. We believe that this represents the true nature of who we are.  Our purpose is not only to inform and inspire, but to provide cross cultural models from around the world as to what people are doing to solve world problems and create new options.  We see a "Community Without Borders"  as those throughout the world who have seen a vision of a new era and are dedicated to bringing it into reality."

       Steve Vaile International

"...Dedicated to raising human consciousness through music and media"

TUT's Notes From the Universe

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 Michael McCabe- Award-Winning Songwriter

"Michael plays with passion that is so consistently missing from music these days. Listen to his writing. Listen to his guitar playing. You'll have a tough time finding one better". Kevin Welch Music Director KINK Radio 102fm, Portland, Oregon. Michael's styles are classical, Spanish, flamenco, Celtic, jazz, gypsy jazz, bossa, folk, rock, country, and Latin. In 1979 Michael opened for Herbie Hancock in Phoenix, AZ. The concert went great even though Herbie's equipment really screwed up but did party with the band afterwards. Michael also opened for Tom Scott in Phoenix and Tucson, AZ. and, much later for Scott Cossu in Portland, Oregon.

      Unified Field Bank - David Rose

        The Unified Field Bank, through an innovative application of financial capabilities developed within the banking industry over the last hundred years, is being created to partner with communities in solving the most crucial financial, social and environmental issues of our time.

      Dusty DeLauro Designs
If you need inspiration or a new website, contact Cheryl! She is very talented.

      Let It Bead - Bead Shop in CO

Karen Diepenbroek, Owner, has been designing and making jewelry for over twenty years. First, for herself, then for friends who wanted custom pieces for special occasions. In 1999, Karen D's was launched as an internet jewelry store. The success of Karen D's was the starting point for "Let It Bead" which opened in 2002.
  Lindsey Coriell, Manager, started the store in 2002 alongside her mother, Karen. Lindsey oversees the daily function of Let It Bead and works closely with the customers to answer their needs. Lindsey has been beading for over 15 years. 

Let It Bead is located at:

821 Englewood Pkwy Englewood, Colorado 80110.
(one block north of Hampden and two blocks east of Santa Fe)

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