Sharon Kay has traced one woman's path through life with loving details and amazing insights. The revelations found within the covers of this book were nothing short of amazing. Norah Mason marries young after growing to young womanhood in a family ruled by a father who is something less than pleasant. Her husband Mike is supportive, kind, the sort of breadwinner women hope for. Their life together through the years is filled with happiness and sorrow, struggle and joy. Nearly every reader, male or female, will relate to their experiences. Four children come along. Life isn't always easy, but Norah toughs it out through troubled times the way she thinks is right. And then, with children half grown, along comes spiritual enlightenment. Like the author says in quotes, "The fastest way to Spirtual Enlightenment is a nervous breakdown." Norah battles depression, anxiety, anger, bitterness, and a lack of joy that permeates her life. Changes are in order. Norah faces difficult truths about herself, truths that have been hidden all her life and taken a toll on her well being. Her journey to peace and acceptance of herself is taken one incremental step at a time until she triumphs. The reader travels with her on this journey, and learns a thing or two along the way. This was a wonderful book. Uplifting, enlightening and joyous despite the troubles Norah faces. Anyone who wishes to learn more about life and love, will find a treasure in A Mother's Journey.” - Laurel Johnson

Midwest Book Review

TESTIMONIALS FOR A MOTHER'S JOURNEY  "In this extraordinary book, the reader meets Norah Ann Mason and joins her for a journey through her childhood, abusive relationships, marriage, divorce heartache and any number of situations that threaten to overwhelm the best of humanity. Later in life, Norah is continually amazed as seemingly non-related events from her past open her heart and mind to see the joy and blessings received even through her worst situations. Written in a short story format, each chapter offers insight, hope and empathy to others no matter what issues may or may not trouble the readers. One must give a 'hat¹s off' to Sharon Kay and give thanks that the author is willing to bare all in order to inspire hope and compassion in others.    --Diane Sewell, Denise's Pieces Author Site & Book Reviews "Although I believe it is up to each of us as individuals to work toward self-healing by addressing our own human weaknesses and exercising our will power that has been gifted us, at times may we feel the need to seek others for help. Through her personal experiences recounted in A Mother's Journey and the way she meets each challenge, Sharon shines a light on the path ahead, for each of us to follow.         --- from the Foreword by Jim Britt, author of UNLEASHING YOUR AUTHENTIC POWER and RINGS OF TRUTH "Sharon Kay's book reminds us that everyday challenges are exactly what we need to discover life's true magic and wonder. Her messages of love and forgiveness couldn't come at a better time."           --Arielle Ford, Author of MAGICAL SOUVENIERS:True Spiritual Adventures From Around the World. "In this day and age when we are finally realizing that our children are our future, we are excited to see books like A MOTHER'S JOURNEY being written to help explore the challenges and joys of parenting as well as the value of the exquisite relationship between parent and child."           --- Jan Tober, Speaker/Facilitator, Co-Author of THE INDIGO CHILDREN and AN INDIGO CELEBRATION "Sharon is a custodian for the Mother Pearl that perfects emotion, peace and forgiveness to restore and replenish MOTHERHOOD. The value of her work touches mothers, children, mates, family members and the lifestyles we diversify into that only a poet can reach. The soul is forever constant and Sharon in A Mothers Journey speaks the truth faster, which brings us all back to the eternal reality, "My mommy and I are one, If Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus like my good friend John Gray suggests, then Mommies are from Earth and Sharon gives us the 'language.'    --Bernhard Dohrmann, Founder IBI & Super Teaching & CEOSpace, Author of REDEMPTION                             "At once profoundly simple and simply profound, a roller-coaster ride through the deepest recesses of the mothering life. Get out the tissues, girls! This one will score a direct hit to your heart -- but only if you've ever been a mother, or ever had one."                --- Rachel Snyder, Author of 365 WORDS OF WELL-BEING FOR MOTHERS A Mother's Journey" is a touching, heartfelt, inspiring look into the dynamics of true service within your own family, yet extends admirably to our family of humanity. Sharon Kay shares deeply and candidly from her personal experience and gleans valuable lessons we all can use. Putting these principles into practice will make a huge difference in your relationships and bring greater joy and light to your life.               --- Alan Cohen, author of I HAD IT ALL THE TIME I love my journey", confesses Norah Mason when she finally realizes there really are no "right answers, and she will never get it done." Through the healing power of love and understanding, author Sharon Kay gently steers Norah up and out of her anger, fear and feelings of unworthiness into a brave new world of enlightenment. This book is tender and rich with the mystery and miracles of parenthood.       --Eve Eschner Hogan, author, "WAY OF THE WINDING PATH:A Map to the Labyrinth of Life Sharon Kay has written a book for all mothers - and a book for all people who have ever been in relationship. Filled with the subtlety and complexity, sweetness and power of the parent/child bond, "A Mother's Journey" teaches all of us how to love more deeply and receive love more wholly. Take this book home and read it now. Buy copies for those you love the best. Let it bless you.       ---Mary Manin Morrissey, author, BUILDING YOUR FIELD OF DREAMS and NO LESS THAN GREATNESS Norah Mason is truly a 'mother for all seasons.' In a series of colorful too-true-to-be-true episodes, Sharon Kay takes the reader on a typical journey through parenthood, divorce, re-marriage and redemption. Rainbows keep disappearing in angry storm clouds, but with practice and plenty of love and forgiveness, Norah learns how to produce her own magical prisms. The pot of gold is this book -- a great one.                         --Barry Spilchuk, author of A CUP OF CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL "Your books are wonderful! They're not really words, but art, and therapy all in one!"                   -- Dean Clark, father of an autistic boy, San Ramon, CA "A MOTHER'S JOURNEY was profoundly inspiring for me and seemed to have been written specifically for me. I suspect our journeys are related - yours, mine and many, many others."                                   --- Gayle Goetz, bead artist extrordinaire SYNOPSIS: A MOTHER'S JOURNEY is a poignant account of Norah Ann Mason¹s life journey as a wife, mother and single parent. This book will have a powerful impact on anyone, female or male, who has experienced parental abuse, family separations, financial struggles and a desperate need to find the magic in life that others talk about that just doesn¹t seem to be there for them. Many parents say their children have been their best teachers. Norah becomes a willing student of Natalie, Hank, Joey and Kati. Each child with their own personalities and needs become textbooks from which Norah draws the knowledge and experience that ultimately shed light on her life and its deeper meaning.” - Assorted authors

— Testimonials for A MOTHER'S JOURNEY

FOREWORD by Jim Britt Jim Britt, author of Unleashing Your Authentic Power and Rings of Truth, speaker and human behavior specialist, is a seasoned organizational executive and an internationally recognized leader in the field of personal-development training. For those who have ever had times when you felt totally alone and didn’t know where to turn, when the betrayal of a friend cut you to the core, when you felt you could never feel joy again or when you felt overwhelmed with the responsibility of life, Sharon Kay’s story with its healing reassures us that our journey is not in vain and the rewards are usually far greater than we could ever have anticipated. Each of us is born with a natural tendency to focus on the joy around and within us. As children our imaginations flourished and we knew how to use them. We perceived the world then much differently than then we perceive it today. So what happened? Did we reach a certain age when the enchantment of life just vanished? Not at all; it’s still there, buried within. We were simply unknowingly taught an incorrect philosophy that contradicts who we are at the core. We were taught to believe in things like competition, sickness, limitation, guilt and scarcity. As we were taught these things they became a part of our lives. We were taught that being right, success, money, material things, competing to get ahead, were more important than self-love. Through the sharing of her own story, Sharon demonstrates the power of love. She shows us that love is always within us. It cannot be destroyed. It’s simply hidden, ready to be awakened. Certainly Sharon’s experiences shaped the outcome of her life. But more important, how she chose to handle her experiences is what made her the woman she is today… a healer, an example of what can be done under the most difficult circumstances. Recently a reader of my book, Rings of Truth, emailed me and asked if certain parts of the story were true. Over the course of several days of communication, sharing with him the truth behind each story, he asked, “Why you, Jim? Why were you chosen to share this work? Why not me or someone else?” My response was, “Why not me?” I then told him that I believe we are all teachers in some way; that we are all here to learn from one another, some as an example of what to do, some as an example of what not to do. Often there are healers who go absolutely unnoticed until the timing is right for their introduction to the world… until time, fate and circumstances bring them to light. Sharon Kay is that kind of healer. Although I believe it is up to each of us as individuals to work toward self-healing by addressing our own human weaknesses and exercising our will power that has been gifted us, at times may we feel the need to seek others for help. Through her personal experiences recounted in A Mother’s Journey and the way she meets each challenge, Sharon shines a light on the path ahead, for each of us to follow.” - JIM BRITT