Testimonials for ANGEL FINGERPRINTS: The Little Book of Joyous Thoughts

Angel Fingerprints has been a bestseller for over a decade at New Renaissance Bookshop.  I love it for the uplifting messages in beautiful calligraphy by my favorite artist/calligrapher! --Andrew Macklem-Cross BooksellerNEW RENAISSANCE BOOKSHOP, Portland, OR "Like a whisper heard above the babble of everyday living, each page carries a quiet wallop of comfort and joy."       ---Rachel Snyder, author of 365 WORDS OF WELL-BEING FOR WOMEN "ANGEL FINGERPRINTS left an indelible imprint on my heart...it is a sweet collection of gentle reminders of who we truly are."      --Alan Cohen, author of THE DRAGON DOESN’T LIVE HERE ANYMORE and I HAD IT ALL THE TIME “ANGEL FINGERPRINTS touches hearts and minds in simple, yet unique and profound ways. This little book of joyous thoughts creates joy, peace and love in the lives of those who have found this gift of Spirit."         ---Jerry Teplitz, J.D., Ph.D., speaker, author of SWITCHED-ON LIVING and BRAIN GYM FOR BUSINESS “A wave of peacefulness and hope washed over me as I read ANGEL FINGERPRINTS...leaving no doubt in my mind as to the Divine Inspiration from whence they came!”            ---Eve Hogan, teacher, speaker, co-author with Jim Britt of RINGS OF TRUTH “A wonderful book for all of us who sometimes forget how beautiful and blessing-ful is life...and don’t we all forget? “             ---Dr. Enrico Melson, M.D. Del Mar, California “A tiny gift book that is filled to overflowing with inspiration, spirituality, and love, ANGEL FINGERPRINTS is a rare find in today’s world: Quiet words of guidance that are there for the taking but do not order or command. Graceful in their purity, pared to their essence, each page holds one thought, but each thought is worth pondering, examining, and adding to your store of life wisdom. The artwork by Elsie Petrequin-Noble enhances each small page. Congratulations Ms. Warren ANGEL FINGERPRINTS is a real keeper."           ---Patricia White, Under The Covers” - Assorted authors

— Testimonials for ANGEL FINGERPRINTS: The Little Book of Joyous Thoughts