“LONG LONG AGO is a gift book of poetry, Angel Messages, and abstract drawings that exemplify oneness. The poetry is simple, innocent, but somehow strong in its messages of love, spirituality, and the joining together of the two. A zest for life, adventure, and great caring is very evident in all the works. The soft cover book is small, striking in appearance, and memorable in content. The poems linger in your mind, resonate, and conjure up feelings of content, joy, and anticipation of days to come, days filled with exuberant living. LONG, LONG AGO would make a great gift for someone you hold especially dear--or for someone you would really like to know better. Although all the poems hold a gem of truth, I especially liked the one entitled, "Re-Union." The first stanza goes: 'The day you appeared I knew who you were A friend and a lover From long, long ago'. It's said we walk between two worlds in this time of change. Angel Fingerprints is an easy guide to help you understand what it means to transition into the next millennium." ---Steve Vaile, Recording Artist & Producer, Steve Vaile International” - Steve Vaile

— Testimonial for LONG LONG AGO by Sharon