ANGEL FINGERPRINTS: The Book of Joyous Thoughts  by Sharon Kay is the expanded version (5x8) of the first ANGEL FINGERPRINTS: The Little Book of Joyous Thoughts (3x5) first self- published in 1995 by Sharon( Kay) Warren and that ultimately sold more than 22,000 copies. Like the first book, this book is a joyful collection of inspirational messages that will enrich and enlighten your life whenever you are in need of a little "juice." Like a cool breeze on a hot summer day, your soul, mind and spirit are refreshed. Used as an oracle, you just close your eyes, ask a question and open the book for the answer. Expect and enjoy a magical answer. "This is a book of simple yet profound reminders to stay connected to and experience love in your life."-Jim Britt, Author, Rings of Truth & Unleashing Your Authentic Power. "ANGEL FINGERPRINTS: The Little Book of Joyous Thoughts has been a bestseller for over a decade at New Renaissance Bookshop." -Andrew Macklem-Cross, Bookseller, Portland, OR” - Sharon Kay