ONE LIGHT ONE LOVE, Limited Edition

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A book of Love inspired by the Divine Reunion of Twin Flames in 1991. If you have found your Twin Flame or wish to find him/her, then this book will prepare you for your life together.



REVIEW of ONE LIGHT ONE LOVE, Limited Edition 

"Covered in purple, hand bound with silver foil printing, printed on recycled parchment with vegetable ink, ONE LIGHT, ONE LOVE is a beautiful book, both inside and out. And that's just the beginning.The love poems are charming, obviously written from the heart and a delight to the eyes and the senses. Warm, spiritual, but somehow grounded in an earthly wisdom that sees beyond the external into the infinite, the exquisitely simple poems give the reader an all too brief glimpse into love, life, and eternity. A gift book, ONE LIGHT, ONE LOVE is a great choice for a gift of love. I was impressed not only with the quality of the book but even more with the poetry itself, the presentation, and the openness and honesty of the expression. If the dedication is too be believed, these expressions of love were written by a grandmother--and I would have to guess they were written by a grandmother who loved and was loved in turn. Great job, Ms. Warren.” ---Patricia White, Under The Covers

CALL TO ORDER: ONE LIGHT ONE LOVE, Limited Edition  Hardcover, Numbered, signed by both Author and Artist      $20 + $3 S&H  

Includes the ONE LIGHT ONE LOVE music CD by Sharon Kay and Michael McCabe, Guitar  

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