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Welcome to the


Thank you for visiting! Here you will find lots of INSPIRATION, uplifting and inspirational books, music, bead art and links to other enlightening websites.

This website was created to uplift humanity and to bring JOY and LOVE to all those who come to visit. We desire that the "angel fingerprints" that touch your heart here will inspire you to leave your own unique ANGEL FINGERPRINTS on the world.

In 1994, Carlos Santana said, "When you do something for the Highest Good of all people, those are the "fingerprints" that Angels leave behind". That statement inspired the title for my third book,  ANGEL FINGERPRINTS: The Little Book of Joyous Thoughts and subsequently, my company, this website, my newest book, ANGEL FINGERPRINTS: The Book of Joyous Thoughts and my Internet radio show on BLOG TALK RADIO... THE ANGEL FINGERPRINTS SHOW.  You can listen to my amazing guests on the radio player to the left. 


"Dedicated to creating paths of communication which heal hearts through the Power of Love around the world." 

We invite you to join us in expanding LOVE AROUND THE WORLD... by practicing "RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS" and leaving your own unique "ANGEL FINGERPRINTS" everywhere you go and on everything you do!            Namaste,  Sharon Kay 

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